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Does Moving to a New Home Affect your Pets?

Who Says Moving Can Affect Your Pet..Moving to a new home can be wonderful and exciting, but it can also be a very stressful time and not just for you, but for your pets too. I’m writing this because we just moved to a new home ourselves and experienced first hand the emotional roller coaster moving can be.

It may be best to let your pet stay with a familiar friend, or relative during the actual move so they are out of the way and safe. Doors will be left open while bringing furniture in and people will be going in and out a lot. It is very easy for your pet to want to follow someone out and quickly get confused in the new surroundings and get lost. A lost pet is a sure way to ruin your excitement over the new place.

Remember it’s going to take some time for you to set up your new home and to get used to where everything is, and sometimes the new routines that come with living in a different area. Well it will also take your pets time to adjust to a new living environment and routines. Our pets depend on their enhanced sense of smell to tell them a lot about new people, other animals and new surroundings, so be sure to allow your pets time to smell around and discover the information they need about their new home.

They also depend a lot on us. They can pick up on our moods and if we are stressed and anxious, they will know something is wrong and likely feel confused as to what they should do. In your old home if you are upset, your dog will probably either try to be close to you, or go lay in their bed and stay away, but in the new home they may not know where to go yet and this will cause anxiety for them.

Consistency is the key. This will help everyone to adjust and settle in quickly. Try to keep to your old schedule as much as you can.

While you may want everything nice and new for your new home, your pets will feel more comfortable with familiar objects. This is not the time to get new beds, water and food bowls, or toys. Bring the old stuff and put them in similar places they have always been in. You can gradually replace them for new items as your pet gets comfortable with the new home.

It is also a good idea to make sure your pets are caught up on their vaccinations, heart worm medication and flea preventatives.

This is a busy time for you, but be sure to make time to play with and comfort your best friend, so he can enjoy the new home too.

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