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The Dos and Don’ts When Walking Your Dog in New Orleans

Walking your dog is a great way to spend time together and both get in a little exercise.  But there are common rules you should follow to keep your dog safe and be a good neighbor.


1. Always walk your dog on leash.  First of all it is the law and secondly it will keep your dog In Control and help teach him the rules of obedience.

2. Always bring poop bags, or an old grocery bag with you, even if you think it’s just a short walk.  You never know when nature will call and you want to be a good neighbor.  Whether you are in your neighborhood, or at a park.  Clean up after your dog.

3. When walking your dog in the summer heat, bring along a bottle of water and a collapsible bowl to keep your pet hydrated. And be mindful of the hot cement.  It’s best to walk your dog early in the morning, or late evening in the summer.

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1. Don’t let your dog approach strange dogs before first asking permission from the other owner.  Your dog may love everyone, but not all dogs do and you don’t want to have your pet get hurt.

2.  Don’t tune out.  Wearing headphones or tuning out can be dangerous for you and your dog. Stay in the moment so that you can keep a look out for speeding cars, off-leash dogs, bikes and other potential hazards.

3. Don’t let your dog walk you. This is a biggie. It’s a much more pleasant experience when you and your dog walk together rather than you being pulled down the street. If you’ve been through our training you know how to control this.  If you haven’t been through our training and this is a problem, call us we can fix it easily.

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