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All of Mr. Morris’ and dads work with me has really made a big difference to my life.

Hi I am Buster. I was 6 weeks old when I joined my family.

The 1st couple of nights I slept at my new home I cried all night long. I have always been very active and playful.
When I was little I had a bad habit of destroying things in my home. At one time I put a hole in the sheetrock of one of my walls and I picked at it with my paw until I made the hole the size of my body to try and escape. I soon became to destructive and too big to live inside anymore.

When my dad or my siblings would try to walk me I would over power them by pulling them. I was the  dominant one when it came to me and my family.

I was people aggressive and dog aggressive. My behavior was soon uncontrollable so my dad searched for a trainer to improve my bad behavior and found Mr. Morris.

Mr. Morris started working with dad and I around June of 2008. He came to our home four Wednesdays in a row and he worked with me and got to know me. He gave dad some helpful tips that would improve my behavior.

I caught on pretty quickly to the new techniques Mr. Morris taught dad and I. Soon I started class with Mr. Morris along with other dogs and their parents after my four weeks of home training.

After several months of classes and my dads home training I started to be a very good boy. All of Mr. Morris’ and dads work with me has really made a big difference to my life.

Thanks Mr. Morris for all of your help.
Adam C.
Chalmette, LA

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