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I am more relaxed now on my trips to the vet

Hansel’s Story

I am Hansel and this is my testimony:
I am Big, Bad and Beautiful. Aggression and separation anxiety are my main issues with aggression being the worst. I did not take kindly to strangers in my house or on my property. I have been guilty of going through my owner’s picture window because children were playing on my front lawn. Additionally I do not like strangers approaching my car when I am inside, and I have issued with other dogs.

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Going to the Vet was also a challenge for both me and my owner. She would have to muzzle me and sedate me along with using the prong choke collar.

No warning would come from me. I did not growl, I would just give a serious look and then charge to bite. Direct eye contact with me was interpreted as a challenge, which meant Game On!

I have been through (4) trainers, all of whom gave up on me, but since I have been going to “In Control Dog Training”, I have definitely broadened my horizons!

It was a sunny day in April when I heard voices from my room. I began barking and jumping on the door frantically. My owner came in, muzzled me and I bolted out the front door only to find this stranger (Morris) whom I immediately pushed up against the tree and continuously hit with my muzzle. Since my 1st wild encounter with Morris I have been introduced to a special collar which helps me to associate my commands in English, German and Hand signals. I still wore my muzzle for about 4 months, but now I have learned to listen to my owner and I am not too terribly worried about other people and dogs. I am more relaxed now on my trips to the vet and do not require my muzzle or sedation. Don’t get me wrong I am still a work in progress, but I am enjoying my classes. Just ask my owner!

Auf Wiedesehen.
Shirley B. and Hansel
Covington, LA

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