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I take Juno to the park everyday without fear

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Before April 2010, I knew very little about remote dog training collars, but had a rigid opinion that dogs that wore remote training collars were vicious and wearing the collar had the same effect as a lobotomy. I was so wrong! One day, my German Shepherd dog, Juno, grabbed and held onto a small dog in the dog park that was running away from a group of big dogs. Juno finally released the dog unharmed, but it was the worst experience for me. I thought she was going to kill the small dog. In addition to the park experience, Juno is a nervous passenger in a car. She jumps from the back seat to the front, barking constantly and interfering with my line of vision. I had seen Morris Chaisson with his dogs and I was impressed with his dogs prior to the park incident but never considered this training method for my dogs. I called Morris, to see what he would recommend as I wanted to continue taking both of my dogs to the dog park. I did not believe this would be a solution for us. Morris came to my house to discuss how he could help me. After watching Morris work with his dog, Aiden, I was impressed enough to consider the collar a possibility. Aiden is happy, loves to work, loves to play, and loves Morris.

So after shocking myself with the collar, I felt the collar was not the lobotomy I imagined and decided to try the collar with my Juno. After training with Morris, Juno goes to the dog park wearing her collar and does not get mixed up in a pack of fast running out of control dogs where a dog fight flares up in a second. She will run and play but will always come to me when I call her away from the pack. This was all I wanted and was very happy with the training results. In less than 2 months, Juno, stays in the back seat of the car while I am driving and I take her to the park everyday without fear of an incident. There’s more… and it gets better.

I have been training Juno for AKC obedience trials. I started attending Morris’ Wednesday night classes for extra practice. Each week Morris asks his students what problems’ they have. I tell him my problems and he gives me a solution for the problems and practices the solution in class to make sure it works. The next week Morris’ asked if we solved the problem and what problems are we having. During class, Morris corrects our mistakes as we make them, so they are not embedded in our training habits. Morris has let me stay after class, to help with Juno’s training. He has also worked with us outside of his classes with individual lessons. I am comfortable asking for help with any training problem. As a result of a lot of Morris’ help, Juno is close to being one of the youngest dogs to earn AKC’s title, CDX, Companion Dog Excellent. We just received a first place “leg” toward our title. Our next trials are mid October. The happy ending, Juno, has exceeded my goals for her. We both have more confidence.

She draws attention when we go to the parks to work out and play. She is accurate, beautiful and amazing to watch as I put her through an obedience run. She loves to show off. She has a gleam in her eyes when she is working. I have learned to expect and strive for a lot more from Juno. She loves to work, loves to play, and the bond between us is stronger now than it ever was.

Evelyn A
New Orleans, LA

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