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My Name is Cain and Here is My Story…

My first family could not keep me so I was placed in the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter. The shelter was over crowded and they did not have any space for me.  Mom called and was told that today was my last day.  She convinced them over the phone to wait until she could leave work.  The director agreed and mom came to take me to my new home.

I was scared and very mean to mom the first night.  I tried to show mom that I was the boss and she was very scared since I am almost her size.  She had to call a friend to protect her from me.  The next day mom called Mr. Morris crying and he insisted on meeting me before mom brought me back to the pound.

Mr. Morris came the next day to evaluate me.  He assured mom I was a good boy and could not believe how mom and I had bonded within 36 hours.  He showed mom how to handle my dominance and to show me that I was not in charge.  I responded well because I wanted to listen but had never been disciplined.

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I was on my way to becoming the perfect companion but…since I was abandoned by my first family, I could not stand to be without mom.  My separation anxiety became extreme.  I followed mom around the house in the morning and would lie across the front door so mom could not leave.  When she would leave I would cry by the front door all day and destroy mom’s stuff.  Mom would come home to a mess and the neighbor was very upset because I cried all day.  Mr. Morris showed mom some new techniques and they are helping both of us deal with my anxiety.

Thanks to mom’s hard work under Mr. Morris’ guidance, I am the perfect companion to mom.  I love swimming and playing with all my friends.  One of my favorite places to go is the park with Mr. Morris and all my friends on Saturday.  Since I am such a good boy, I have been invited to train for pet therapy in the spring.  I look forward to serving my community and bringing joy to those in need.

Thanks for reading my story and thank you Mr. Morris.  If it was not for your knowledge and confidence in your training, I would not have this great life with mom.  Mom and I could not be happier.

Renee A
Slidell, LA

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