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Some nice reviews from our dog training clients

Hi Morris, hope you are well. This is an update from Joe and Michelle Vicari. Both Virgil and Dante are doing real well. We have not had a single meltdown since since the second week of us training on our own. As soon as Joe and I got the hang of it, they are angels.

We are about to take our first trip with them. We feel they are ready. Thank you so much for fixing us so we could help them. I know we started rocky but trusted the process and are extremely grateful for your talent and patience. Thanks so much. We now get tons of comments on how well behaved they are and have recommended you to others.

source: fb October 5, 2022

Because of you n your training my dogs and I have benefited and love having each other in our lives! Thanks!

source: fb September 16, 2022

Jan Gardner here. Had to tell you this. I was in the front yard with Cahier just now and put her leash down to trim an azalea. Told her to stay. While I had my back turned some deer started across the yard behind me about 20 yards away. Cahier DID NOT break her stay to chase them! I was totally shocked when I turned around and saw the deer. Needless to say she hit the reward jackpot.

source: fb September 13, 2022

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