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When Esha and Amala Met Morris, They Loved Him.

In September, 2007, I adopted Amala and Esha. At the time, Amala was a 6 month old mini-pinscher and Esha was a barely 3 month old dachshund/jack-russell mix. Neither had been around many people and neither had been granted the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. I brought them home, where my roommate already had two small dogs. Amala spent the better part of three weeks cowering whenever she was approached by any dog, so I didn’t take her out of our house/yard at all. Esha was also very shy with dogs, but she loved (and still loves) people. Amala had been adopted previously, I believe three times. I know that one of the families/homes that had her was an abusive home. When I adopted her, her ribs were tender and she flinched whenever you reached out to pet her. She cried out in pain when touched on her sides or near her tail. It broke my heart.

In October, I contacted Morris at “In Control Dog Training” to get a demonstration and maybe get some advice from him. By this time, Esha had become unruly and barked at just about everything. Neither Esha nor Amala had very good recall (they knew their names, they just refused to come when called). And both were still very stand-offish to most other people and all dogs. Well, when they met Morris, they loved him. I believe they would have cuddled and licked him to death, if allowed. That, in itself, was a huge improvement.

In November, we began group classes, at Audobon park. My girls love being outside, in the park, and in the fresh air. After a few classes, they became a little more comfortable with other dogs, which is to say that they no longer run and hide when approached by other dogs, even “big dogs”. Believe me, that’s a huge improvement. They love going to the group classes, and get upset when we miss classes. Amala is much more playful and has learned to enjoy cuddling. She has learned that I will not abuse or neglect her. Esha is learning to share toys and not to steal food from the other dogs. Their personalities are wonderful, now that they are comfortable in their new home, they are not being abused and we have been working with the collars for training.

The collars were also helpful in house-training them and during walks, for keeping them quiet. I do love that attending classes helps socialize them, as I feel that is a very important part of their development.

Elaina D
New Orleans, LA

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