Success Stories

After two training sessions she was listening to her commands…

Welcome Alexis Cooper and her dog Diamond to our In Control Dog Training Family. We have done Two lessons with Diamond and she now waits at the door, place sits, down, off and walking. In Control Dog Training your puppy train experts. Here is what she had to say: If you are looking for a […]

We all feel much more confident and happy…

Our rescue Border Collie mix had trouble with aggressive behavior toward other dogs, was bad on walks, and tried to tear apart the door every time someone rang the doorbell. Our vet recommended Morris and said she has seen him work miracles. After just two sessions our dog was much better behaved on walks, and […]

Now she sits and lays down when other dogs pass…

Jack Russel Dog Training Mandeville LA

My Jack Russell mix has been known to be hard-headed and stubborn but she responded really well to training with Morris. The combination of the collar and positive reinforcement was very effective and while initially I wasn’t sure how we could accomplish so much in three sessions, I was amazed at the results I saw […]

After the first session at my house, I could see a difference


My name is Lauren and my dog’s name is Oaklei. Oaklei is a 2-year-old terrier mix rescue. When I brought her, I noticed that she was not responding to her name, chasing after my cats, she had a lot of trouble walking on a leash, begging for food at the table and jumping on people. […]

She is relaxed in class and loves to show off and I have become a proud mom….

Dear Mr. Morris: Hi my name is Nikky and my dog is Roxy. Roxy is a German Shepard rescue I got about a year and half ago. They estimated her age to be about 2 years. About 2 months after having her, she turned aggressive towards people and some dogs if they barked at her […]

It is much better now! Walks are fun, and…

They pulled us down the block when walking them and of course, acted like lunatics when passing other dogs/cats. They started acting aggressive towards each other. So aggressive in fact that one headed to the Emergency vet. We couldn’t live like this anymore, so we called Morris, with In Control Dog Training and had individual […]

I would definitely recommend Morris and In Control Dog Training

I would definitely recommend Morris and In Control Dog Training to anyone looking for a dog trainer. My wife and I have an 8 month old female Jack Russell named Lucy. Lucy was very friendly and never aggressive but she did have some behavior issues. The main problems we were having were lack of discipline […]

I am more relaxed now on my trips to the vet

Hansel’s Story I am Hansel and this is my testimony: I am Big, Bad and Beautiful. Aggression and separation anxiety are my main issues with aggression being the worst. I did not take kindly to strangers in my house or on my property. I have been guilty of going through my owner’s picture window because […]

All of Mr. Morris’ and dads work with me has really made a big difference to my life.

Hi I am Buster. I was 6 weeks old when I joined my family. The 1st couple of nights I slept at my new home I cried all night long. I have always been very active and playful. When I was little I had a bad habit of destroying things in my home. At one […]

My Name is Cain and Here is My Story…

My first family could not keep me so I was placed in the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter. The shelter was over crowded and they did not have any space for me.  Mom called and was told that today was my last day.  She convinced them over the phone to wait until she could leave work.  […]