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When preparing to bring a new baby into your home.

Any behavioral problems that your dog may have should be addressed. Your dog should be well behaved and obedient. Teach him to stay off the furniture. Get him used to the smell of baby powder. Get a doll that cries and moves as a baby would. Practice walking with a stroller. HE must walk behind the stroller. Bring clothing home with baby’s scent on it. Let him sniff it. But don’t stick it in the dogs face. Let him sniff from the other side of the room. Than let him come closer but not closer than you would let him to your baby.

Remember take your time don’t rush you have 9 months to get your dog ready for the new baby. Once the baby is born have everyone else go in to the house before you get home. Also have someone take the dog for a walk before you get home. This will help with the usual excitement and energy. Have them bring the dog in after you get home and you have settled in. Stay calm and relaxed this is crucial. Introduce your dog to the baby slowly. At first from across the room. Then closer a little at the time. Have someone that the dog knows give some obedience commands like come, sit and down using treats to reward good behavior. Praise your dog for any calm interest in the baby. Remember Avoid scolding your dog. You want your dog to associate the new baby with good things!

baby and a dog

Now that you and the baby are settling in. You need to show the dog that being around the baby is a good thing. When the baby is up and you are holding the baby. Invite the dog in and give him some attention. Teach the dog that being around the baby is good. Any positive experience is beneficial. A little petting, a couple of treats and this is a great time to do some sits and downs just a little obedience that makes it good to be with the baby. Take them for walks together as long as you have a dog that walks well on a leash, never hook the leash to the stroller. No matter how passive your dog is with the baby never leave a dog of any size alone with a baby.

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