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Now Ollie has manners!

Now she is pleasurable and I don’t have any issues with my Labrador Retriever…

Michelle Benoit of Norco, Louisiana with her 5 yr old Labrador Retriever…

Michelle Benoit of Norco Louisiana with her 5 yr old Labrador Retriever...

Now we have a very well behaved 6 month old puppy…

Thank you God for sending Morris from In Control Dog Training. After only one month of working with our Golden Retriever puppy Bentley and my husband and I, we are so very happy to say that we have a very well behaved 6 month old puppy.

With continuous work, he shall be the Best Golden Retriever alive.

Just a few weeks before, we did a lot of debating on whether or not we could handle a puppy. Now I know we made the right choice. Ben is here to stay! Thank you Morris.

-Renee Fontaine
Lacombe, LA

Now Paco isn’t Aggressive With People Anymore…

Portuguese water dog Training Metairie Louisiana

A client came to us from Metairie Louisiana because their Portuguese water dog Paco, had aggression issues with people. If they stopped to talk to someone the dog was growling and barking trying to get to them.

After working with Morris from In Control Dog Training, this is what the owners had to say:

“We recommend Morris’ dog training services”. He did a good job of training Paco, and an even better job at training us to train Paco. He was also very flexible and worked with our schedules.”

Duke is a different dog now…

Morris is an excellent dog trainer, and I might add he did a good job training me to continue training. He had Duke walking by our side actually in minutes. His Techniques worked and still work exceptionally well.

Duke is a different dog, now he is an awesome dog, listens very well, although reinforcement training will go on for a while yet, Duke doesn’t seem to need it, but I’m doing what Morris told me to do. That’s the key, listen to Morris and your dog will be just as awesome as Duke.

My dog Archie is calm now…

Dog Training Metairie Louisiana

Morris trained my German Shepard 10 yrs ago and now this 1 yr old Rhodesian ridgeback…

I called Morris after so many years b/c he solves problems simply and quickly… Archie is calm and I am in control…

I feel happy and honored we got to work together so Archie is a happier healthier dog

Morris turned my very sweet puppy into an obedient puppy!!!

Morris is amazing! I’m Dr. Michelle from Pet Care Center. I would recommend Morris to all of my clients! Because of the coronavirus, Morris kept my pup, Finn, at his house for 2 weeks. He worked wonders with Finn!

He turned my very sweet puppy into an obedient puppy!!!

The whole family is so grateful!!!

Now she follows commands the first time…

Morris with In-Control Dog training was awesome. Our German Shepard, Shelby, was a year old when we sent her to In-Control dog training. She wasn’t a bad dog but she didn’t always listen. Morris was immediately able to get her to start listening. At the end of two weeks with Morris at In-Control Dog training Shelby was listening to commands. She stays near us when off the leash, follows commands the first time.

Dog Training For Ponchatoula LA

Morris not only trained Shelby but he spent the time necessary to train us on how to keep Shelby trained and what the proper portions are for her. Shelby was a great dog and good pet before Morris and In-control dog training; after Morris and In-control dog training Shelby is a great dog and a great pet.

If you are looking for Dog Training For Ponchatoula LA, Contact Us!

I have been in law enforcement for nearly two decades and have known several K-9 officers and trainers. They have all been excellent with their k-9’s; however, I have never seen any have such quick, effective, and lasting training results as Morris has had with Shelby. Whether you need a working dog or just want your family pet to follow commands, Morris and In-Control Dog training is the right choice.

Don Marshall, Jr.

New Orleans Belgian Malinois Training

“I highly recommend In Control Dog Training!

The Positive Reinforcement methods used on our Belgian Malinois Roxy were right on point.

Couldn’t ask for anyone more knowledgeable about animal behavior, ability to identify the problem and techniques to solve them!! Great company, Morris is a great trainer!”

Thank you, J&K

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